Jay-Z and Kanye West trash Maybach in ‘Otis’ video

We expected better from Jay-Z, but Kanye “I’ma let you finish” West is known as much for his lame attempts at grabbing attention (such as having his teeth replaced with diamonds…) as he is for creating unoriginal, heavily-sampled music accompanied by very average lyrics, so we’re not surprised to see his name connected to a video that features the pair of them butchering a Maybach.

We know it’s just spare change to these guys, but there are people around the world who are suffering from the effects of earthquakes, famine and general poverty. They could have auctioned it for charity rather than trash it.

Are these the same artists who cry when a few people who “take food out of their mouths” by downloading their albums for free? Spread it around a bit guys, you’ve obviously got money to burn…

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