New Safety Rules Threaten Veyron

Potential US buyers may have to shell out an additional $125,000 for the missile-like Bugatti Veyron.

bugatti 210806

The new law will require cars to feature the new ‘smart’ airbag, which will be able to distinguish between a child and an adult who aren’t wearing seatbelts, thus varying the amount of inflation needed in turn reducing the amount of injury caused by the actual airbag.

Upto 120 additional crash test will be required, making it quite an expensive exercise. Bugatti boss Thomas Bscher has asked for a two year exemption from the ruling, on the grounds that they’ll only be importing 150 units anyway. Other low volume car manufacturers will be hit in the same way, including Lotus, Ferrari, Spyker, Morgan and Lamborghini.

bugatti 1

Lamborghini have stated that they would be selling at a great loss if they weren’t exempted. Their next generation Murcielago (due out in 2009) will be equipped with the new airbags.

All this has come about because of the idiots who refuse to wear a seat belt? A new law to protect people who are breaking the law.


[Source: Piston Heads]

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