Ruf 997 R Compressor

German tuners Ruf, have launched a new upgrade for the Porsche 997 – the R Kompressor.

ruf r komp 1

At the heart of the conversion is a centrifugal Kompressor with maximum boost set at 0.6 bar. A pair of water cooled intercoolers and a little tweaking of the management system sees the 3.8L flat six producing a tasty 435 bhp.

ruf r komp 3

On the (private) road, this equates to a 0-62 mph time of 4.1 seconds, 125 mph appears in 13.5 seconds before the Ruf-mobile goes onto a naughty 189 mph.

Visually, the car receives a Kevlar-Carbon front spoiler and rear wing, stubby mirrors and those trademark 19 inch Ruf Alloys (hiding 330 mm discs).

ruf r komp 2

Once you’re sitting in Ruf bucket seats, you’ll soon realise that everything you touch has been embossed with the Bavarian tuners name, including the sport steering wheel, gear knob, aluminium pedal set and not forgetting the foot rest.

ruf r komp 4

Nice amount of power, but those body add-ons belong on a ‘Pimp My Ride’ Civic.

[Source: RUF]

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