Self Parking Car From BMW

BMW have released a video showing a driver-less 7 series, parking itself.

The company have said the remote control device has been created to help owners park their cars in between tight spaces, while they’re stood next to it!

Director of BMW group research and technology, Raymond Freymann explains “You just press a button. It is something simple, but something that is really smart”.

The system requires a reflective lens on the rear wall, to bounce a signal back to the tiny video camera on the windscreen. This calculates the cars distance from its destination, which in turn adjusts the steering and speed of the car, to avoid any ‘incidents’.

Freymann said “The system is largely an add-on to the other sensor technologies offered in recent BMW models, so of the components of the 7 Series are already there”.

BMW say the remote controlled device should be available as an option within three years.

Now they just need to design one that can do the shopping as well.

[Source: Wired News]

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